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National Chess Day

Chess Tip of the Day: Think First, Move Second!

Get Ready! National Chess Day will be here before you know it!

Chess is for everyone

chess kids

National Chess Day is held every year, usually the second weekend in October. National Chess Day is a celebration of chess and tournaments and chess events are held coast to coast by US Chess affiliates.

Over the years many scholarly studies have shown over and again that chess helps children in so many ways, intellectually, scholastically with grades, emotionally and socially. It helps them find the values that put meaning into their life and promote successful living.

... and, of course, it's fun to play chess !!

Greater Peoria Chess Foundation

The GPCF is the driving force behind Peoria Chess. We provide sets and boards to the local school chess programs and tournaments and activities. The Foundation supplies the fiscal muscle to promote chess in the Greater Peoria area. Our youth chess programs involve 100s of youths of various ages and have included the state champions both individual and school team. See our web site for more details on our services. The GPCF is proud to have obtained the bid for the 2019 All Grade and hope you enjoy your stay.

Mark Twain Hotel / Packard Building

Peoria's premier boutique hotel, the Mark Twain Hotel is located in downtown Peoria and includes one of Peoria's finest resturaunts, Two25, onsite. We will be playing in the ajoining and spacious Packard Plaza. Enjoy the convenience of quick & easy access to the tournament by staying with us for this tournament weekend.